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(and support team) have over 75 years combined experience.  Jim Nolan, our master toolmaker has worked with all types of mold applications.  He, and all our toolmakers and support team professionals are always ready to answer your technical questions and provide you a quality order process.
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Master Toolmaker
Jim Nolan completed his formal mold making apprenticeship through the Illinois Tool and Die Institute in 1976.  His experience started in custom molding and mold making where he was responsible for plastic processing and mold making for "job shop" environments building molds for the toy and consumer products industries.  A few of the more recognizable products Jim built were for Mr. Coffee and Revell, a toy manufacturer.

Jim has worked for the largest American injection molding machine manufacturer, and become intimately familiar with modern injection molding machine capability.  This experience effectively accelerated his experience in all facets of plastic manufacturing.

For the last five years before starting San Diego Mold Corporation Jim worked at Hewlett Packard.  There, he was exposed to the absolute latest technology for plastic part and mold making.  "My experience encompasses the entire spectrum of plastic injection molding.  Starting my own company was the next logical step in my career."
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Jim can be reached by e-mail at jnolan@sandiegomold.com.

We are always looking for experienced quality mold makers.  If you would like to inquire about positions available please call us or apply online.
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